The Dangers of Underwire Bras

The Dangers of Underwire Bras

energy-healing-nycYou’ve heard the risks of wearing an underwire bra, right? Aside from the fact that they are uncomfortable, difficult to find the right fit, and come with the constant threat of puncturing your poor breasts, underwire bras are a serious health concern. There’s a lot of research out there dispelling this claim, alleging that there have not been enough studies (read Western Medicine studies) that support throwing out your wires. However, I’m inclined to believe holistic women’s health pioneers Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Christiane Northrup and my mentor and Energy Medicine guru, Donna Eden. They, like most Eastern Medicine practitioners, find that not only do underwires impede the drainage of lymph, but they also inhibit the flow of qi, which is, you know, only your basic life force energy.

Bras in general, especially those worn too tightly, inhibit the movement of lymph. Since lymph is the major highway of toxins, and toxins from anti-perspirants and other beauty products tend to hang out around the breasts, you really want your lymph flowing smoothly and easily. Below each breast is a series of neurolymphatic points associated with the Stomach and Liver. Toxins and energy tend to accumulate in these points, causing them to be painful. Over time, cysts can develop in these areas, which are often a precursor to breast cancer.

Go ahead, give a little rub under your boobs and see if these points are sore. If so, keep rubbing and drink plenty of water to chase those toxins out.

Metal is the other issue with underwire bras. Having a hard metal wire pressed against your neurolymphatic points for long periods of time over-stimulates those points, eventually sedating the organs associated with the points and pulling electromagnetic energy to the area.

Toxins, cysts, over-stimulated neurolymphatic points, and excessive electromagnetic energy …no wonder women who wear underwires are much more likely to get breast cancer!  For their book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer’ conducted a study on women who wear bras versus those who don’t. The findings are shocking. Women who don’t wear bras at all were nearly 125 times less likely to get breast cancer than those who always wear them. Yikes!

While going totally braless is not an option for us heavily-endowed ladies, you CAN wear bras that will cut your risk significantly. First, make sure your bra is not too tight. It shouldn’t leave red marks under your boobs or cut into your skin. Second, go wireless. Buy wireless bras or cut the wires out of the ones you own. Lastly, take the damn thing off when you get home and let the girls breath!

Take it from me, a former lingerie designer and undergarment snob, there are plenty of good brassieres out there that don’t contain a death wire and are still capable of holding up your boobs. Wacoal, Warner, Vanity Fair, Sassybax and even good ol’ Vic’s Secret have wireless options. My favorite choice for anyone D cup or under is Gap Body. They have a whole line of inexpensive wire-free bras.

There’s no cure for cancer, my sistahs, so let’s focus on prevention. Protect your girls!

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